Friday, December 1, 2006

Nuts in the air

The Moor Doll, Wally Layne, performs during Central West Ballet's performance of "The Nutcracker" at Modesto High in Modesto, Calif. December 1, 2006. It is easy to come away with good shot from ballets. I just really like this moment. (Adm Golub/ The Modesto Bee) I know no big deal. I shot bball today to, but it was my first time and this is the best I got.Sam Madden, 22 of Pitman gets behind, around and over Brian Blunt, 32 of Central Valley, for two as Pitman takes on Central Valley at Beyer in Modesto, Calif. December 1, 2006.(Adm Golub/ The Modesto Bee)


Alison said...

I LOVE these!

Alison said...

another thing - it's funny, but i made a basketball picture today that was from almost this exact same angle... great minds must think alike.