Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mack Family

Mack Family from Alison Yin on Vimeo.

Frank Otis, a senior captain on the McClymonds Warriors, says, "I just want to be remembered as a winner."

With their State Championship and perfect season, the 2007-2008 Warriors will undoubtedly be remembered as winners. But winning aside, what makes the McClymonds team so much fun to follow is the passion that exudes from their games. Passion for basketball from the players and coaches, passion for McClymonds High School alumni, and passion for continuing the Mack Family legacy.

In their extended brotherhood, this team has rejuvenated not just the West Oakland community but has captured the entire city of Oakland, helped each other through tragedies and celebrated triumphs together.

Content and Production by Alison Yin/The Oakland Tribune

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