Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ice Cube, Hot Night

It was a very hot day when I picked up my assignment for the Ice Cube concert on 10th Street in Modesto for the Bee. I was excited for the challenge and decided to shoot without a flash - no safety net. I practiced during the warm up acts, but my D300 made it almost too easy. I kept waiting for the night air to cool, but when Ice Cube took the stage at 12:45am, it was still in the high 80s. After having been kicked out of the camera pit, all of us photographers had to work our way back into the back stage area, and then back into our positions. I only had about 15 Minutes to shoot since I couldn't burn too many overtime hours, and at the last second, Ice Cube's manager let me go on stage just before Cube threw up a "W" for the West Coast and the crowd went nuts. You can check out more photos at here.

(Adm Golub/ The Modesto Bee)

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