Sunday, January 18, 2009

Timmy Chainsaw Massacre

Timothy Markin, 40, is a captain on the Stanislaus Hotshots, and was my last squad boss on the Groveland Hotshots. He is one of the best sawyers, chainsaw operators, I have ever known. However, what Timmy, as he is called, is know for is his wild personality and his inability to quit. Timmy is an unstoppable force. I learned most of what I know ablout clearing brush from him, and I remember fondly the times that I spent with Timmy among others on Crew 4, the Groveland Hotshots.

Because I now live in Oakland and have become soft Timmy was called in to clear brush on my parents property. It worked out that one of the days I was visiting he was clearing brush so I was able to help out. It felt good to work with him again. Timmy is truly a monster when It comes to running a chainsaw. I have to admit that I was "broke off" by the end of the day. I am sure that Timmy will gloat about this fact. So this post is for him. I hope that you enjoy.

Photos by Adm Golub

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