Thursday, September 4, 2008

PhotoShelter Prints Beta

One of my photos was chosen to be part of a new project at PhotoShelter where they are temporarily offering art prints for sale. Click the photo to see all the prints.

Here is the blurb about the project from PhotoShelter:

"Who wouldn't want to be responsible for discovering great art? At PhotoShelter, we have a lucky team of photo editors who spend their entire day reviewing thousands of image submissions from photographers worldwide. Since we launched The PhotoShelter Collection, our stock photo marketplace, our editors have spent one full year pouring over 4,000 new images every day. Along the way, we've uncovered some exceptional art photos that defy the typical notion of stock photography. And, visitors to PhotoShelter — mostly professional designers and photo buyers — apparently feel the same way because they keep asking us for art prints. PhotoShelter Prints is our answer.

Now through October 1, we're offering a limited opportunity to obtain prints from a select group of PhotoShelter photographers. Curated by our photo editors, these gallery quality images embody the freshness and authenticity you've come to expect from The PhotoShelter Collection, now in print."

Thanks for looking!

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